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₹ 12999 + 18% GST
Single CDR Reports
  • Calling / Called numbers
  • Calls / SMS frequency
  • Call Duration report
  • Location Frequency
  • First & Last Call of the Day
  • Day & Night Location Frequency
  • IMEI Usage Report
  • IMSI Report
  • Calls / SMS while Roaming
  • Movements in Circles Report
  • B Parties Circlewise Report
  • Conference Calls
  • Phone Switched-Off Report
  • Plot Movements on Maps
Multiple CDR / Common Reports
  • Common B Numbers Report
  • Common Location Report
  • Common IMEI Numbers Report
  • Meeting Places Analysis
  • Link Analysis among numbers
  • Reveal Hidden Number
IPDR Analysis of MDN / Dongle / IP / Tower
  • Assigned to MDN Report
  • Source IP & Port
  • Public IP & Port
  • Destination IP & Port Report
  • Destination IP Visit Frequency
  • Identification of VPN usage with VPN service provider
  • Session Analysis Report
  • Mostly Visited Apps/Sites Report
  • Static / Dynamic IP
  • Location Report
  • IMEI Report
  • IMSI Report
  • Plotting with Social Media
  • IP Mapping
  • Common IP & Port Analysis
  • Common Visited Websites
  • Common Locations
  • Common Used Apps
Tower Dump Analysis
  • Data extraction by date and time with export feature
  • Present numbers circle wise
  • Filter circle wise numbers by custom condition
  • Common Present numbers in multiple tower dump data
  • Common B Parties & Circles in multiple tower dump data
  • Internal calls in Single or Multiple Tower Dump data
  • Common IMEI Numbers
  • Report for both Calling and Called number present in Tower Dump
  • Common Destination IP report
  • Custom Reports (User can customize the filters as par conditional requirement)
Other features
  • SDR Search (in bulk also) - By Name, Mobile Number, Alternate Number, ID Number
  • Case Data Backup and Export (Can be imported to other PC)
  • Capture Cell IDs by Lat., Long. for Tower Dump in PAN India
  • CDR Merge
  • Geo Analysis (Google Map)
  • SDR Import Tool
  • Cell ID updating integrated in Software
₹ 14999 + 18%GST
All Pro Features Included And
  • B Party Number detection in WhatsApp calling , Facebook Calling ETC
  • Analyse DSP IPDR With B Party
  • User detection of numbers on Social Media
  • IP detection of Signal App.
  • IP detection of Betting App.
  • IP detection of All Bank server.
  • IP detection of All Payment Gateway
  • IP detection of Antivirus, Insurance/Finance Company.
  • IP detection of Google meet, zoom meet, WebEx meet
  • IP detection of Netflix, Disney Hot star, Crypto trading
  • IP detection of PAK server and Chinese server.
  • IP detection of Share (Stock) market.
  • IP detection of all Matrimonial Sites
  • IP detection of VOIP calling, & VOIP Abroad.
  • IP detection of all Hotel Booking App (OYO Rooms, Trivago, Booking.com)
  • Port Analysis with Chat/Calling
  • Specific IP detection of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, Yahoo, Rediff Snapchat, Skype etc.
  • IP detection of VPN, TOR, Crypto, Linux, Online Satta - Matka, Boitm App
  • IP detection of LPG (Bharat Gas, Indane, HP Gas)
  • IP detection of Ride- OLA, Uber, Repido Bike
  • Port Finding for Crypto Currency
  • SDR Import Tool
  • Online Cell Id update in Software.
  • Tower dump IPDR analysis ,Betting App, telegram,whatsapp ( Calling & Chatting,) , facebook, facebook live, Instagram , linkedin, twitter ,Signal App,PAK Server, VPN,TOR ,Identify Handset models and many more unique features
OSINT Features (Through Mobile Number)
  • UPI & VPA information by mobile numbers
  • Shopping accounts search like Flipkart
  • Social Media platforms like WhatsApp Business & Facebook
OSINT Features (Through IP)
  • IP search with reverse lookup analysis ( Registered Domain IP)
  • Open services/Ports,VPN detection,Org Name of Ip
OSINT Features (Through Email)
  • Gravater,Wordpress, Hulu,Snapchat,Twitter,Spotify,Adobe,Facebook account linked with Adobe,Rumble .
OSINT Features (Through Username)
  • Multiple social media and websites with vpa id running on username

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